Guerilla Toss

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Waking Windows Presents

Guerilla Toss

Mon · September 17, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:59 pm)


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Guerilla Toss
Guerilla Toss
Birthed from the depths of the sweaty basements of Boston, Massachusetts, deranged rock outfit
Guerilla Toss is nowadays considered to be a New England underground staple by the freaks and
weirdos that inhabit the region. The band has churned out numerous cassettes, records, and CDs in the
past two years on on labels such as Feeding Tube Records, John Zorn’s Tzadik, Sophomore Lounge, and
Digitalis Ltd. By touring relentlessly and providing their audience with an unforgettably intense live show
that demands, and encourages, ravaging physical body movement of the listener, ‘Gtoss’ has quickly
garnered a cult following of loyal servants. Their newest record, “Gay Disco”, is an album that draws
influence from new wave and no wave dance music, extreme dementia, drug problems, and absurdist
humor. However, in the midst of the chaos, it is clear that the compositions are well-crafted and spout
from the minds of educated individuals while avoiding the common esoteric pitfalls that could be
associated with their sound. Kassie Carlson’s ferocious vocals run the gamut of the human voice,
blasting with jet engine shrieking and boiling over with urgency, while at the same time presenting a
demented and direct spoken narrative with surreal conversational lyrics. Peter Negroponte’s full force
drumming spews forth alongside her like a tentacled beast, battling off fits of rage and panicking
between four-on-the-floor dance beats and controlled, pounding trashcan thrash. Guitarists Simon
Hanes and Arian Shafiee duel to the death with angular and jagged riffs ping-ponging between each
other while keeping pace with dancey stabs of clanging string shrapnel. As messy as it sounds, Hanes’
fuzzed and scuzzed bass jamming still retains heaps of thick, gooey funk in the purest sense, which
perfectly compliments Shafiee’s masterful axe work that manages to shape-shift seamlessly between
hardcore rawness, jazzy meanderings, and squealing noise rock pepperings. That glue that binds is Ian
Kovac’s synth work, which adds a healthy dose hyperactive danceability and electronic flourishing that
contributes to the album’s overall doped-up disco flavor. Gtoss succeeds in using the power of
dissonance, aggression, and disorientation to derail the dancefloor in a record that captures the essence
of a high-energy live band in its loudest, rawest recording to date.
Venue Information:
The Monkey House
30 Main Street
Winoosk, VT, 05404