Swale, Amerykanka, Old Sky



Old Sky

Fri ยท October 12, 2018

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

Swale has found a way to extract and express the chaotic elements of peacefulness through unexpected orchestrations of drum, guitar, piano, prepared noise, and voice. When main songwriters and partners Eric Olsen and Amanda Gustafson sing together, they create a complex voice that tangibly entwines weary raggedness with wide-eyed innocence.

When performing live, all three members share the front of the stage, set up virtually on top of one another, a collective huddle centered around the untiring engine that is drummer/songwriter Jeremy Frederick. Their textured and manipulated sound, culminating in puissant highs as well as staggering moments of tranquility, makes watching this band nothing short of entrancing.
Venue Information:
Winooski United Methodist Church
24 W Allen St
Winooski, VT, 05404